MyFamilyHealth for Physicians
  • STEP | 01

    Patient's Family Health History

    Patients share family health history - collected using MyFamilyHealth with a physician

  • STEP | 02

    Risk Stratification

    Use MyFamilyHealth to identify and stratify risks based on the latest scientific guidelines

  • STEP | 03


    Physician can make more informed choices about diagnosis and treatment

With MyFamilyHealth, you can use Family Health History more effectively in your practice.

  • Shift the task of gathering and organizing Family Health History out of the clinic and into your patients' homes - saving you time and giving more accurate information.
  • Access rich and up-to-date Family Health History information that goes beyond first degree relatives and can accommodate virtually any health condition.
  • Take advantage of our built-in risk stratification algorithms. Identify those at high or moderate risk who can benefit from more targeted interventions.
  • Engage patients around questions of health from an individual and a family perspective. Provide a broader foundation on which to build a relationship.