MyFamilyHealth for Patients
  • STEP | 01

    Create Your Family Tree

    Sign up, create a family tree and invite your relatives to participate

  • STEP | 02

    Record Your Family Health History

    Add medical information to your tree

  • STEP | 03

    Review Your Health Risks

    Discover the health conditions that run in your family

With MyFamilyHealth, you can take advantage of one of the most powerful genetics tools available today. It will cost nothing except your time.

  • Create a rich, evolving and medically useful record with your family, for your family.
  • Discover and learn about health problems that run in your family - including conditions that might not otherwise be considered by your physician.
  • Discover if you or your family members could benefit form specific diagnostic, genetic or screening tests.
  • Join our community and share information with others who have the same health interests as you.
  • Help your physician to help you - share your family health history with your physician and receive better guidance to delay, improve or even prevent bad health.